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Customer Testimonials

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job your company did with our website. I have worked with your amazing staff and I am pleased that we are going into the Holiday Season with a fully functioning website. I am happy to recommend you to anyone. It has been nothing less than a pleasure working with your company.

Lorraine, Deerfield Beach

Thanks, Can't say enough about all the great help you guys give me!

James, Miami

I thought that is what happened. At least the site is up and running for him, by the way, you guys did a spectacular job! ... What a beautiful looking website, the colors and everything else match up very well. Great job!!

Victor, Miami

Aloha Paul, Thank you for helping us with the set-up. We were very impressed with your professionalism and patience in helping us solve our many questions during the testing phase of our account.

Richard, Honolulu

I would like to thank both you and Paul for your attention on this matter. While I was a little put off by my first impressions I must admit you followed through like you promised and I'm very grateful. I have improved logging on my end just in case this ever arises again I can have full records on file but hopefully we'll never need them. Thanks again and I look forward to driving sales through your service.

Joel, Ontario, CA

Paul - Well it seems the legal battle is finally over and the site is working to the specifications set forth by our previous developers. We want to thank you for all you (and your team) have done in order to get the site up and running. We appreciate your patience with us during the aggravating task of the transition.

Adam, Miramar FL

As usual....thanks a lot Korey!!! I hope the owners of Securenet Systems are paying you well, since I know you have been there many years and you are the BEST, FASTEST, and MOST EFFICIENT network administrator I've ever dealt with.

Javier, FL

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the site up and running so quickly. What with a new baby and sleepless nights, it was a pretty stressful time for me, so I appreciate yours and your team's professionalism.

Matt, UK

The site looks Great! My hat off to you, for completing this project, I know Brooke was very meticulous about every aspect of the website and you spent alot of extra time in completing this show case project. I want to Thank you!

Gary, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thanks again and I truly appreciate the promptness of service. As a developing business, I am quite mindful of the importance of providing excellent client services. Hats off to you and your staff. I am looking forward to growing my business with you.

Rodney, Baltimore, MD

I thank you again for you time and for your attention to our account, and as well, to our needs as human beings. You just don't get this kind of service from companies anymore. Thank you to all of you at Securenet Systems. Cheers,

Michael, Toronto Ontario

Once again you and your company have outdone yourselves....The show was outstanding as are your topics and self-help tips...Please keep up the great work...

Dean, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Thanks for the research on this. The only option is to contact the admin of this domain and make them aware of the problem. By no means, and lets be no means do we modify the Spam filter. These filters have been put in place by Securenet Systems to protect their domains. And GUESS WHAT, they worked. Good job to the boys at Securenet Systems.

Jim, Fort Lauderdale, FL

We love your anti-Spam and virus blocking - please tell your management - it enables ME to enjoy the computer rather than worrying the whole time.

Kevin, Carson City, NV

That's fine. I like dealing with Vladimir. After 4 years with you, I have a great internet product and support team, which I often recommend to the interested. My web site is the backbone of what has become North America's premier prostate cancer surgical program. And at the center of the action: the always reliable, hosted by Securenet Systems. If you ever need endorsements, don't forget about me.

Arnon, Miami, FL

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your work, your follow through and the end product. I can't wait to have my customers start going to my web site. You definitely are the best :-)

Patti, Rancho Mirage, CA

Just wanted to see if you had a good vacation ( I don't know if you're back yet or not ) but, I hope you did...the site looks great and you guys really have done and are still doing a great job for us - I truly appreciate it man.....again, sorry for being a pain.

Joe, Fort Lauderdale FL

Just a quick note to let you know that we're very happy with your tech support department, especially Mike. Mike has always been very helpful and diligent. He is a key asset to your company. This is very important to us and is one of the aspects we took into consideration when moving all of our web sites to your company.
Keep the good work!

Eduardo, Miami FL

I was on a business trip when the invoice for our upcoming quarter of hosting was received. Since I did not have the company check book with me, I contacted Cathy in Accounting by email to advise her of my situation. Cathy was great in helping me with the situation by extending me the additional time I needed to return home and get a check out to her without interrupting the service of our site. I want to commend her on her level of customer service and professionalism and let you know what a great team member you have in Cathy.

Chris, Lexington KY

Just wanted to send a quick note and say congratulations! I just read your e-mail from yesterday, and I realize what a great business you started and have grown. Again, congratulation on the super business Securenet Systems is doing. Securenet Systems, has always given me great support and customer service for over 5 years now. My hats off to you and your staff.

Bobby, Pompano Beach FL

I read your last release and just want to tell you that your statement "it's all based on relationships" is right on. That's why your business is solvent and others are not. I NEVER think of Securenet Systems the company. I always have a picture of Securenet Systems the PEOPLE. I don't know of any other Internet company. I can say that about you. For that matter, I can only think of a handful of companies I can say that about in my entire life. You deserve the success you enjoy.

Jeff, Miami FL

Dear Brad, While Securenet Systems is great, you are wonderful! I'm too attached to your excellent help to go elsewhere. Thanks so much!

Joyce, Jerusalem Israel

Congratulations George, on another excellent project. Thanks for keeping us posted... enjoyed the event at Beach Place. Best wishes for continued success all around,

Cynthia, Miami FL

Vladimir, I have to say that it has truly been a pleasure to work with you. You have shown incredible interest and leadership on this project. I most certainly hope to work with you again. THANKS!

Mily, Miami FL

Thanks again for your help in getting us to the finals in Salt Lake City in April. Your help made us get the highest grade in the State on our oral section. You could probably send e-mails to all your customers telling of Securenet Systems' wonderful commitment to the community and to DECA - the national association of future marketing, management and entrepreneurship leaders.

Jared, Coral Springs FL

I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to meet my customer's needs, but this was too easy! You all should be very proud of your work. I know I am thankful that I have referred so many websites to you guys. Keep up the good work!

Dan, Rodgers MN

Securenet Systems, I am convinced, is not one or two people, but a collective involvement of the entire staff to produce and deliver to the client what they want and more. My site was completed before the target date and even with delays on my part, the work and design was more than anticipated. I am a more than satisfied client and will highly recommend your firm to all that have such an interest.

Kenny, Louisville KY

I met yesterday with your George who provided me a tour and detailed information about your services. Congratulations on a fine installation AND more importantly on the quality of people you've got to support your corporate dreams.

Mike, Margate FL

Hello, I just wanted to extend my thanks for the quality of work done on my site. I had looked at six or seven different providers of this code and it was your constant communication and fast email support that sold me on Securenet Systems. I must say that I'm very pleased and consider the money very well spent. I'll be back when we're ready to add the Revshare program.

Greg, New York, NY

I truly commend you for going above and beyond the call to make this client happy. While I've always been very pleased with Securenet Systems, it is apparent why you continue to grow with the firm. Thank you for working so hard to resolve this issue.

Hal, Ruckerville VA

I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of what a great job your staff is doing. I have had several telephone conversations and emails with Gary over the years and have always found him to be particularly helpful, knowledgeable and professional in our dealings. It is apparent to me how your company has managed to survive while so many others are just memories. I look forward to our continued association and wish you and your fine company much success in the future.

CR, Stephenville TX

Thank you all for your help. My Crime-On-Line site is now up and running again, it is good to be with people who communicate and value customer service. Thanks!

Njall, Sale UK

I have to tell you....I just took a sneak peak at the site......It's unbelievable how awesome this is looking. I just wanted to let you know.......YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! All of your staff are doing a terrific job.

Mike, Southington CT

My account was just activated with you guys, and after spending a few minutes poking around the user account area, I gotta tell you, you really know what you are doing. I design consumer and ecommerce sites for a living, and I know how difficult it can be to balance all of the design elements. I have to tell you, you've done an impressive job. On top of it all, you guys have the best prices and availability, super customer service, hours of operation, and an online ordering system that I can trust.

Doug, San Francisco CA

Thanks! I will never get tired of saying this: SECURENET SYSTEMS HAS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!

Veronica, Miami FL

Wow! I'm not use to things going so smoothly. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work and we'll be a long time customer.

Frank, Henderson NC

Please accept my thanks for getting the on line shopping cart squared away. We received in 8 orders over the weekend and were able to process them with no problems. Please thank the staff for recognizing our frustration and taking immediate action to correct it.

Allen, Boca Raton FL

I am very pleased with the help, advice and good support you and your business provided us during my operational role with the Company. We are making good progress in the marketplace and the look and capability provided by Securenet Systems is certainly a contributor.

Ed, Palm Beach FL

Dear Securenet Systems, Thanks for the excellent support when setting up a new e-commerce site. You took all the difficulty out of integrating with my bank. You guys led me through the step by step process and wrote the scripts that I was unable to generate. Thanks for making it really painless.

Frank, Flagstaff AZ

First of all thank you for your professional way of treating your customers demand. In fact, I notice that many of the companies on the net are not professionals and they don't work as you do. I´m spending my money and most of the companies promise lots of things before getting the money and after they don't sort out our problems. So, I want just inform you you really got me very impressed with your professional work. Thank you

Carlos, Lisbon Portugal

Thanks for your help in getting our site up before the weekend. We got some newspaper exposure and needed to be up. I am very impressed with your ability to design this site for speed and ease of use. Both Claudia and I are very pleased with the results. Please thank the programmers for their efforts and thanks for your successful management.

Charlie, Copenhagen, Demark

I would like to thank your company for the prompt and excellent tech service. I was having problems with my website and thought it was a hosting problem. Your service techs found the problem quickly and I was able to make my web page work properly. I just wanted to thank you and your staff.

Mark, Cozumel Mexico

We bought a server from you and had service for I think about 6 months. Because of underuse and slow development, we had to unfortunately discontinue. Since then, we have rebuilt and increased the capacity of our server and have gone in an entirely new direction. We have tried about ten different hosts and find your service to be the best. Could you please send me some contact and pricing information regarding dedicated server collocation?

Jason, Toronto Ontario

Without getting too awful mushy I'd like to extend a VERY HEARTY thank you to you and your team of experts. It's not often in our day of technology that you find those who are willing to put forth an effort to help the little guys. Since we've been there at Securenet Systems we've grown more, and learned more than ever before. Though it's only our first year, here's to many more. From us to you, we wish you all the best for 2001...

Terry, Fort Lauderdale FL

Finally service from a hosting company who responds to customers and their needs, no matter where we are. We are not all professionals, but not exactly amateurs; so prompt assistance is vital. My outspoken thanks for quick and reliable replies from Brad and fellow technicians - when it mattered.

James, Miami FL

Thanks Brad. You did a great job and were really helpful. This is why we're using your webhosting company and not the other guys who were impossible to deal with. Best regards,

Richard, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thanks. You guys have been instantly helpful every time.

Garrett, Castro Valley, CA

Hi Gary, I just wanted to thank you and your crew for there efficient work in getting my Video on Demand Theater going. It is currently on line and running smoothly. Any concerns or minor problems in getting this launched were quickly addressed by Mike and Korey.. Much Appreciated.

Richard, Botsford, CT

Not sure if I said "Thank You" for doing this. The security and peace of mind is so important to me and I think you fixed those concerns. It is enjoyable working with such a great organization and I am glad I selected Securenet Systems as our web hosting company! Thanks again!

Patti, Rancho Mirage, CA

I want you to know that we are all very proud of our new website and excited to really start promoting. In a meeting with my crew who helped put it together, I explained that this wasn't the end of the project but just the beginning. Let your team know they did a great job.

Tyler, Florida

Korey, thank you. This is absolutely excellent service.

Lee, Denver Colorado

By-the-way, I should say that your efforts to minimize SPAM is very much appreciated. My associates are continually amazed at how little unwanted email I receive compared to them. An occasional glitch is a small price to pay. Thanks again.

Ted, Ottawa

Thanks Diego - I've also noticed that Securenet Systems' sound quality for some reason is far superior to what our previous provider delivered.

Bobby, Houston, TX

Gary, Everything looks great!! Thanks for the lightening fast response. You guys are the best!!!

Crawford Grimsley, Hollywood, FL

Thanks for the information. I can attest to the quality of what you do from all the assistance I've received from your tech support staff. Everyone I've dealt with has been more that helpful. Let's go for another 10 years.


You guys are the best. I really appreciate the effort you are making to be hurricane ready. Your technology implementation, your tech support (both email and phone), and the grace with which you handled last hurricane season are leading edge brilliant.

All very much appreciated. Thanks for being there.

I'm so happy to be back and will NEVER leave under no circumstances. You all have been the BEST and I truly appreciate it and can't thank you enough.

Mary Lou

I just wanted to let you know that your tech team was very professional. I set up an account for my father's business with Securenet Systems. Anything that needed attention was competed in a timely manner. Thank you for the great service and getting the site up and going.

Kem, Ft. Meyers, FL

YES IT DID - I'M SO O O EXCITED!!!! I 'm sending the address everywhere - I'm so proud of this and you!!! You did a GREAT JOB and SO PATIENT!!!! Thank you.

Christie, The Club Team of SW Florida

George, Thanks for running the Internet class the other evening. I got a lot of great comments back from those who attended. One student was so impressed that she asked for time at our Thursday meeting to make a complete report on your seminar, your expertise and recommended that everyone get in contact with you and/or take your class as soon as possible.

Phillip, Boca Raton FL

Eeeeeeeeeeeexcellent! Thank you!
I have downloaded the Encoder and am ready to go when you are! Awesome service!

Cecilia, Radio Scandinavia

Thank you for all the increased features!

Our stream programming continues to sound excellent thanks in part to your consistent and experienced support staff.

Thanks again for providing us new and innovative features that puts us ahead of the curve technologically....and even father ahead of our competitors!

Greg Peiffer, WPCR Radio

Hi Beverly,

I wanted to let you know we now have everything up and running with our Stream. The reports look like exactly what I will need for Sound Exchange. I also want you to know about the great assistance I received from your tech support team. They worked extensively to get our GRA software to work with Securenet. They always returned my e-mails and calls timely and went above and beyond to get our stream working properly. It was a pleasure working with these guys and please let them know how much I appreciated all they did to get on up and running.

Thanks again for everything!


Hey Diego,

I wanted to thank your company for helping with the malware problem we had. Your fast response was very much appreciated.

Warm wishes,



Thanks for all the help you provided when I was setting up your Radio Streaming service. It is really great and we are getting our sales force up on the banners and make some money now.

Brian C. Edwards

New World Radio Group

It sounds spectacular (way better than we were getting with twice the bit-rate at Live365), loads fast and is way, way more reliable than Live 365! We are shutting Live365 down this month, changing our web links and moving our TuneIn over to you guys so all of our listening will come from you. I just need to get our apps built, which I’m working on now. So, again, many, many thanks for what you are doing for us.

Kevin Boyle

WVBI Radio

Kerry, Thanks for the encouraging sentiment. And at Delta Radio we're really enjoying our streaming through Securenet Systems. Our South Seas Broadcasting stations are too. Best!

Kirk Harnack

Telos Alliance

That's great news, I love y'all there at Securenet! The best group of people to work with! I hope you and everyone there have the very best of days.

Thanks so much

Jeff Heyen

TABC Radio

I must say I have had one of the best experiences in my dealings with David Leon and Cathy Correa. They are so very prompt in their responses to any and all of my concerns.
Because of these two I would recommend Cirrus Streaming to the world. These two are truly a real pleasure to do business with outstanding. Thank you both.

Willard J. Williams, CEO

WITP Radio

Chris was a big help! Both stations are now streaming, and I will work with him again tomorrow to get Metadata for WGUE functional again.
It was a very productive call that solved major issues in a short amount of time! Thanks for making it happen!

Tom Freeman

General Manager


Everything good here! Very satisfied with the service. Support is great too! Question, what was the name of the company you said could handle all the royalty payments?

Robert Wilson


Wow, thank you Diego! That's a big blessing-very much appreciated:) I will go ahead and log in and pay for one year today.
As a side note I really enjoy the streaming: the quality, the interface all very intuitive! We are based in Ohio and we recently had someone from Czech Republic email us and say they enjoyed our station, Crazy! Thnx again and keep up the great work!

Sean Cordi

WTKC 89.7 FM

Hi Cristina,
I am so impressed at the speed in which you changed the TuneIn info for CCR1 and CLR1 and send along to you a huge thank you! :) Have a great day!

Ron Maxwell


Community Net Vision, Inc.

Great Thank you so much .. I love Securenet Systems, it has been such a complete difference over live 365!

Jeff Heyen

TABC Radio

I just wanted to let you know how helpful Lea is. We are switching from StreamLicensing to direct SoundExchange and Lea is helping with the reporting and such. Primarily because the % of our growing revenue we pay is killing us.

John M Stephens

St. Louis, MO

Hello Diego,
I hope your day is going great ! I was wanting to ask you about Video Live Streaming Music shows and interviews. Thanks so much for all your help.
TABC Radio is so much better since moving to your service!

Jeff Heyen

TABC Radio

Everybody knows that you get what you pay for. That is why SAM Broadcaster sucks, and you and your company kick ass! You guys are so great. Every other company would have waited 2 or 3 days to get back to me.
I tell everyone…Securenet follows through and actually supports what they do!

Christopher Siehr


It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday and I appreciate the information you gave me verbally, as well as the information that you emailed me.
With the service that I am receiving from you and Diego there's no way I could not continue purchasing more of your services provided as I need it.
Thank you both so much for your assistance. You are awesome!

Phyllis Hester

General Manager/Owner


Since 2013, it has been an honor to manage Mega Radio and to work with a great staff of talented, committed individuals that offer the best Spanish-language media product in Philadelphia.
It’s also been an honor to work with you, as Securenet’s support of our streaming activities plays a critical role in the success of our stations and you have been such a big part of that success the past several years.

Don Davis



My team is very excited out working with your company!
With your permission, I would like to add your company on our promotional materials for recognition as our provider and list of services that you offer so you can gain more clients from this area.
Please note, that Lea is an awesome representative of your company! Her patience, guidance, execution of information regarding the and how to's. Lea has an outstanding personality: it indicates a lot about you as a leader and your staff!
Once again, thank you!

Phyllis Hester


I just wanted to thank you for the great service. I have dealt with a lot of firms in 40-plus years in broadcasting and yours is one the most responsive and customer-friendly companies I have come across.
The streaming is working great...our apps are working great. I’ve asked a lot of questions and all of them have been answered quickly and courteously.

Maynard Meyer, GM


Cristina helped us get ads on our site as well as on-air ads. Cathy Correa did so much to create the apps we have. These are truly great people.
Another person who has helped us so much is Gary Lee. Mr. Lee has spent time not only getting us working but keeping us working. We use his ideas and thoughts in our ads and players.
He helps us figure out problems and answers stupid questions with so much patience, we are very grateful for that. He has been very good to us. He is truly a wonderful person.

Christopher Siehr.

Field Of Nightmares Radio

Thank you, Cathy and Diego for your help on this. All appears to be good now.
We appreciate quick service and thank you for getting back with us in a timely manner.

Chris Erwin

Gateway Radio Works, Inc.


Nice job Lauren and the tech team! Be sure to tell Diego how very satisfied, once again, with SecureNet and each and every one of you, I am.
I appreciate the stellar service.

Dennis R. Syracuse

Thank you for all your help with a few recent securenet station stream additions. As we add more HD stations we will look to your help with streaming.
Again, thanks for your continued support!

James Derby

Federated Media

Thank you very much Diego, you're awesome!

Appreciate all your help setting this up so quickly!
Damian Molina

Lotus Communications

Thanks for the explanation, Diego!

And, thanks to you and your staff for giving us such a great product.

I'm a happy customer!
Dennis Rumsey


Diego, sorry for disturbing you, but the live feed for FB works like a gem. Again, thanks for the push on this.

That Cirrus Experience is just downright sexy!

Dizzi Dee
General Manager
The Redirect

Hi Diego!

Thanks so much!

I'm excited to start the "Cirrus Xperience", nice stuff!

Keep in touch.

Greetings from Berlin!


All 3 of our streams are working great!

We are pulling the song data to the players as well as our RDS.

We just got all our phone apps published!

Please thank Chris and your team for all their hard work.

Bob Gordon
Program Director - 98.5-WTFM


I can't thank you enough for the wonderful customer support here! This is a big deal to us as we continue to develop the station. We'll probably chat more later.

Dave Kalahar - Director of Media and Broadcasting

Hi Lea,

Can we schedule a conference call?

Now I'm leaving Streamlicensing and I was so happy to get the call from John Spell.

I'm so glad to be working with you as you are very patient and a lot of fun. You are the kind of person that makes doing business enjoyable.

Most sincerely,

Katy Benningfield

Katie -

ooh...Look at you. You're brilliant!

Let Gary know about this, and I still need to send him some deliverables.

Great call!!

Thank you for your research on that.

Bob Baldwin
NewUrbanJazz Radio

As a customer of your service I have received a number of phone calls from your company. I finally decided to take one of these calls with the intent to ask the caller to stop calling.

Katie Fernandez was the individual I had the opportunity to speak with. She listened to what I had to say and then let me know some of the services that were available to me as part of my streaming service.

I had no idea all of the things that were available as a user of your streaming service. We are on the verge of kicking off a new advertising campaign and am now completely revamping our strategy.

I am extremely pleased with the streaming service you provide. I have become one of your biggest fans and believe me I will be singing your praises.

John Stiles

Hi, Diego.

Love your marketing!!!!!!!!

Sign me up!!!!!!

Patricia C. Vanderloo, Ph.D.

Hello Katie,

I want to thank you for all of the help and support you provided…the development of our new online player and mobile apps.

...they look wonderful and again sincerely thank you and Lauren for the work you've done on them.

Most sincerely,

John J. Lasko, III

Hey Lea and Diego -

Thanks for the quick turn around on the streaming for all rock!

Thanks - Chuck Marsh
MediaOne Broadcasting


Just want to let you know that your guys did a great job on the new streaming web apps! Easy to update logos and information. And I've tried them on every device I can get my hands on and it works great.

Lee "Scooter" Reynolds

LM Communications - Lexington

I have seen a few new additions even since installing last week and am very excited to see that.

I think this is going to be an awesome new feature and I am looking forward to getting away from the android and iOS apps so thank you all for what you're doing!

Ray Scott
Promotions Director

Equinox Broadcasting


Really enjoying Securenet Systems! Lots of great feedback from listeners, and staff alike!

And - we have sketched out a plan to monetize some of the banners for increased revenue!


All the best,

Andrew Jackson | Director of Marketing

88.7 The Bridge

Hey David,

One more thing...

Im very happy... thank you, thank you.

Cristo Viene

Otra Vez TV


Wanted to say thank you for getting everything set up so fast!

Amazed, honestly, that anyone moves that fast these days. Also... I will be switching over the encoder to your encoder for podcasting purposes, etc. looks like a pretty sweet encoder.


Steel Radio

Many thanks, Lea

We expect to go live again during the first week in January.

It's a pleasure to work with your team and the incredible Securenet products!

Have excellent holidays!

Jed Levine


Nevada Internet Broadcasters, LLC

Lea, I just want to thank you again for making this happen. It works great and I am geeked we're on Alexa.

Are we going to see how many people are streaming on an Alexa device vs. other methods?

Greg Hilt

Hi Lea,

Thanks for all your help getting our Eau Claire stations up and running with their Alexa Skills. The people in charge are pleased.

I've CCd Rhiannon from our Midwest Digital team in this email, as she will be helping all of our markets compile digital data from our stations.

She will be in touch with you soon to begin this process.

Thanks again.

Phil Tripper

Midwest Family Broadcasting


Our skill has passed the certification process and was published!

Thank you for following this process through for us and helping to get our Alexa Skill published.

I do appreciate the extra effort to get this done.


Robert Ulrich


1020AM The Word

This is great news!

I have the answers to your questions and thanks again for the upgrade, you are impressive!

I'm still waiting for StationPlaylist to send over the software.

I have the serial and key....hey, again...have a blessed weekend and thanks again for the help.

Obie Diaz /G\

K92.3 Morning Show Orlando

Dear Gary, Good Day,

I just wanted you to know how helpful and courteous Kevin was this afternoon, in getting a handle on this problem.

Thank you, Kevin. I very much appreciated your time and attention! Cheers! Peace and God Bless.

Josh Cullen Brown
General Manager
Outlaw Nation USA


I took a long laundry list of questions into the call with Lea.

She did a great job explaining all of this to me!

This really is "concierge" service.

Best wishes,

Michael Serio

Executive Producer / Co-host

The Dougherty Report


Actually I just went to the app download sites - Apple & Google and the app is now there.

Thanks for the reminder... you are the best!


Diego Gomez

El Zol Media

Hope you had a great weekend. It was great talking with you last week about our station and the suggestions you made.

I cannot wait to get things updated. When we do connect with the concierge you mentioned, I plan to make it a conference call with my team.

Thanks again for your service!

George L. Bryant

President/General Manager



Hi Lea.

Thank you for taking the time for me, to improve our streaming service.

Thanks a million. You are the best!

Wayne Witcher



Calvin Hastings here with WOHS/WCSL and WLON. Lanny has been handling the set up and we want you to know we are very, very pleased with the streaming service you provide.



KTC Broadcasting, Inc.

Dashboard looks great!

Much easier than our current setup with Via Streaming. Thanks!

Matt Reaume

UCB Canada | Director of SW Ontario

Thank y'all for making that work for us... will be a big big help.

Gary - if I can ever help in a sale, let me know, haha - happy to give a good reference!!!

Joseph Brannan

Asst. GM

PMB Media

Happy Monday,

I wanted to let everyone know that our streams are up and working and our android and iOS apps! I am happy, my boss is happy and I thank you for your swift help!!

Jessica Stevens

Operations Manager

KWAM the Voice for the Midsouth



I appreciate this so much. I've steered many people to Securenet over the years and will continue to do so.

It's a really great service. You guys are rock solid and I'm impressed!

Have a great holiday!!

Ken Misch

DeKalb County Radio LTD

Glad to hear... you have a good product... and great customer service!

Terry Barber

Little Engine Broadcasting

95.5 WRBZ/ WMGY/ Praise 96.5FM


Enjoyed speaking with you today... Thank you for all you did for me today... Outstanding! I'll get the embed placed on my website shortly.

We'll work on the app very soon.

Today was a great day... talk to you soon.

Thanks again!

Tommy Palmer

Palmer Media Group

Hi Lea. I've gotten the message that you've called and I've been busy working with a new salesperson so time has been tight.

I appreciate all the attention you've put on our stations and I will continue to recommend Securenet for stations looking for a simple and inexpensive way to do streaming and mobile apps.

Thanks again.

Bob Breck

President-General Manager

Breck Media Group

Hey, just wanted to let you know that Gary Lee just helped me out with an issue for my phone apps. He did a great job!

Seriously you guys are great! Thanks.

Douglas J. Doran

Vice President & General Manager

NewLife Radio

Hey Lea,

This is all terrific, I really appreciate you. It's been a long road to getting our station up and running, so this is super exciting.

A million thanks to Securenet for all of the really great humans we've talked to thus far.

You all make this seem easy and fun, which is really important to us as we are doing so many things for the first time.

Holly Sommers

WQRT Administrator


You've been really helpful so far, so I'll absolutely reach out if/when I need a hand or have any questions!

I appreciate the steps you've taken so far to help us make the streaming experience for our listeners that much better.

Cliff Foster


Thank you! I appreciate the support team helping me out with the situation the other night. You and the staff are so great to work with!

Even after the move up, we came very close to hitting the 600.

Can we get the head room to move to 1,000?

Brian Cunningham

Hi Lea,

First of all thank you Lea and Gary for all the extra effort in helping us getting this done.

Thank you for your quick response!

K. D. Richard

Graphics and Production Specialist

Diego, I just wanted you to know what a great job your tech support has done with resolving issues with my studio upgrade this week.

Amazing. I love you guys!

Eugene E Harris, Jr.



Thanks. Michael and I are elated to be back with Securenet Systems. We are looking forward to working with you. I will be contacting you in the next few days to see how to maximize streaming.


Jerry Lovvorn



Hi Lea

it's Darren Oliver of Skook Bros. Radio. We worked together last August and I am ready to get back on the Internet and be a SUCCESS with the help of your Great Assistance!!!!

I Look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you.

Darren Oliver

Skook Bros. Radio

I forwarded this email to my engineers. If they need anything else they may contact you.

Thank you for all your help and moving on this so quickly. We appreciate it!

Mike Swinehart

Director of IT

Family Broadcasting Corporation

MY Hero... Thank you Katie, YOU ROCK!!

Jim Coda

JCN Media

We thank you for the professional and quality service you have rendered us to be able to stream our broadcast to the world and we have received positive reports from our listeners.

Thank you!


Kiribati Future International

Bairiki, Tarawa

Ah!! Perfect! We have two separate machines for each station.

I'm gonna love working with you I can tell already!

You make it easy... that's important! Thank you!

Chelley Odle

General Manager

KFMO/B104 Radio


You are so professional!! It was a joy listening to you guide Mr. Futterer thru the connection of WAYN!

Your company is prosperous because of its dedicated employees.

Terry Ward

Futterer Partners LLC

PSE Technology LLC

Thank you so much for all this information and insight. You are completely right and I will get into these ASAP.

This is a really helpful article to understand all the ways that we can take advantage of social Media, digital marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization.

Have a nice day!

Jose Villeda Jr

Director of the Technology Department at Emisoras Unidas Honduras

Awesome, thank you so much for your help Katie!

Looks great, nice colors in the graphics :)

You are going to have to teach this old dog a new trick, lol!

Richard Kemp


Diego, the new features rolled out by Securenet are off the scale! We have been using the shout out feature, that is truly a remarkable feature to have on the mobile app to stay connected with the listeners.

You guys are to be much commended! I want to avail myself to Securenet for any time needed by you guys for a beta tester or anything of the like.

I'd like to give back, your company is a good look to my personal program and goals.

Dizzi Dee

General Manager

WNRV 108.1

Cirrus streaming has a wonderful support system. 5 stars! We have 10 stations streaming with them and could not be happier!

Richard Kemp

KASN Radio Network

Thank you, Diego, for the first invoice since the two-months free streaming. We love the service, its reliable and of high quality.

I am forwarding the invoice to our financial officer Tiantaake for her information and endorsement.


Kiribati Future International

Bairiki, Tarawa


You were so helpful! We can't thank you enough for your overview of Cirrus' amazing options!

We appreciate your time and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Janet Gandy

Talon Media


You're the absolute best Lea! I really appreciate you following up!!

I will need your help setting up my iPhone app if possible.



Katie - Thanks so much. This is new for us so I appreciate the hand-holding! You ROCK!

Stay tuned,

Randal J. Miller, President

Miller Media Group

I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the services sercurenet have provided to it's costomers. I wanted to as if you guys have in the plans to offer the Android version of the CarPlay soon.

Once again, I am very grateful for the great services and the hospitality from your team.

Best Regards

Kevin Satisfield

CEO / Redink Radio Live

We've been so grateful and satisfied with the work Dizzi has done for us, we just had to share.

His brilliant tech ability around the Cirrus system has saved us more than once. He is more than remarkable!


Deborah Beauvais

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

Awesome Katie, thank you so much! That was quick!

I appreciate your help...

I am a ONE (1) man show running all 10 of the stations!

I'm so thankful for you.

Richard Kemp

KNZA, Inc.

Hi Lea,

It has taken me nearly a month to get to this - just been very busy.

I love your new Control Panel - Fantastic job you guys! I am sure you are still working on tweaks but it is great.

I uploaded my Podcast files and was thrilled to see that everything went very smoothly. I was so impressed that they populated my Player on both desktop and IOS & Google Apps.


John Tiffany

You're the best! May I ask another favor. We have been scratching our heads about how to load our local files in order to display when our stream is loading in the app. Thanks. We love your company!

Wayne Witcher


Awesome, Thank you so much Katie!

How do you do that so fast, lol...? So it was a banner style ad?

Again, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU...!!!

All the best,

Richard Kemp,


WTC Radio Group

Hey Lea,

Just wanted to let you know so far I love the map view. This is exactly a feature I will use a lot.

BTW the who is listening function in the Studio Clock and Engager started working earlier this week.

These are important tools to help me manage my station.

Alan Coldiron

Country Vinyl Radio

Hello Katie,

I think we are good. The apps came back with a thank you message and I have a smile on my face.. I can't thank you enough for your patience!

So sorry to cause you so much trouble.

Thank you again.


KZLG 95.9 AND KLIL 92.1

Hi Lea,

You have been so special in helping me I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that I am thrilled to be 99% ready to launch a whole new component. I could not have done that without you and the support professionals. Bless you.

Really happy with the mobile players – even better than the Google or IOS apps. I sent Lauren a note letting her know that IOS approved by Apple.

John Tiffany

No ma'am. You have been great! Let everybody know I am very pleased with your product and the new interface.

Very pleased!

Tim Hicks

River Radio - KKLR

I LOVE the new dashboard! So easy to fill out. I submitted our WWNQ and WZMJ app worksheets.

Keith Stover

Midlands Media Group


You are a rock star and you really made my day by taking time with me to walk me through the audio player setup. I also thank you for reaching out to Tunein.

Your insight and guidance was very helpful. I will get a ticket initiated with the technical folks tomorrow to start setting up the data collection.


Matt Santini

Station Manager


Thanks for getting these active. I will be in my home base studio tomorrow and Friday. I hope to get things rolling with an engineer/ technician sometime during those days.

Great working with you so far. Glad this has been a smooth process!


Jim Guiliano

Colonial FM

Thanks, Katie!

I think we're set (for now!).

Your thorough service is certainly worthy of the title 'concierge'...and GREATLY appreciated!


Galaxie Broadcasting


Katie -- you are the best... thank you!

Thank you for your help.

Anna Pink

Digital Properties

Dear Ms. Fernandez,

Again, thank you for your assistance earlier today; your efforts are deeply appreciated!

Very best regards,

Duane K. Lamb

Owner, Impact Media Consulting

Dear Diego Baeza,

I've been assigned a technician, Lauren Yahr, and we are now moving right along with updating our station APPs.

Thank you for great customer service!

Dean Fregoso


Lauren you are awesome! Grateful.

George L. Bryant

President/General Manager




Hi Lea,

Thanks for the details. Your product is soooooo much better than Triton's :-) I’m blown away by the amount of Alexa listeners we have... As many as 15k a month on our talk station!

Tim Hicks

Mississippi Raver Radio

Lea, thank you so much - what amazing service you provide!!!

Have a great day,


Fremont Broadcasting

HI Lea,

Just wanted to keep you in the loop... Vadhym has been great working with us!

So at the end of the day all we need is to have a new skill that says .. Alexa, Play Newstalk 93-9 KPAY.


Dino Corbin


Deer Creek Broadcasting & Digital Interactive LLC

Gary is the bomb, he knows his stuff!!

I'm happy too, I did some research and no one offered anything close to what you guys offer hands down.

I can't wait to get started!

Leo Brown



Thank you for your amazing service as always!

Roser Communications Network Inc.


Both Lea and Katie have been great to work with. Very helpful.

Is Cristina coming back? She has been very helpful in the past.

Terry Barber

Little Engine Broadcasting

95.5 WRBZ/ WMGY/ Praise 96.5FM


My name is Dean Fregoso, Promotions Director here at Deer Creek Broadcasting LLC.

You've provided an excellent product for DCB. Your staff is prompt and great follow through!


Dean Fregoso

Deer Creek Broadcasting

Thank You for all Your help. Almost there.

Thank You to you and your staff for great customer follow through..Awesome!

To You And Your Family..A Very Happy Thanksgiving..All The Best.

Al Snape


Hello, how are you? I just wanted to comment on how great Cristina Hernandez-Carstens is!!! She has been patient with me and kind!!

She is amazing!!! Thanks a lot for teaming her up with me!!!

Ant Boogie

High Volume Music

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