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Affiliate Reseller Program

Earn Residual Income by Referring Streaming or Hosting Services

Are you taking advantage of all you can? Don't leave money on the table! You can receive a 15% monthly sales commission for all business referred to us on ALL streaming and/or hosting services.

Securenet Systems has a formalized affiliate reseller program, available to those companies or individuals who would like to generate residual, monthly revenue. Securenet Systems pays out a residual commission on all accounts referred to the company. Earn additional revenue from referring website hosting and/or radio streaming clients and we will send you a check every month for any business processed during the previous month's period. You will also receive your own online Affiliate Control Panel so that you can track and monitor your payouts.

We will send you your own special link. The link contains your unique reseller ID code and allows you to place all variety of banners wherever you have web properties. By tracking the code with a 365 day cookie, we ensure that all visitors will be tracked and credited to your payout account. Of course, you can refer customers directly to Securenet Systems and the information will be entered manually into our system.

Rest assured that as a company with resellers all over the world, we realize the importance of strong, reliable relationships. If you would like to offer Securenet Systems services to your associates, business contacts, and other interested parties and earn a residual income, then our program will fit the need. Click the link below to sign up and start earning commissions!

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Become an affiliate reseller and start earning commission!

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